Labs and gear


We offer students access to a variety of equipment and facilities to explore the possibilities of XR-technology and content creation. Our library of available VR-equipment is constantly growing, with both professional and low end hardware.

TV studio greenscreen

Motion Capture

The students also have a variety of motion capture systems available for capturing actor's movements. Motion capture cam be used in real time and as recorded animations for game or animated videos. With our green screen studio it is also possible to use motion capture with compositing for fast production work flows.

Computer labs

On campus there are different computerlabs for our students. Some have more general software while others are specially design for creative game students. Here you will find all your software needed for all courses in our program.

sound suite

Sound suite/recording

For sound recording and sound editing/sound design we offer a little sound studio/voice box and a sound suite. This will be used for students own work and for lectures in classes.

Team rooms and Makerspace

Students have access to a large number of facilities for team work and creative exploration. Our team rooms have facilities like whiteboards and large video monitors. They can also access rooms for other creative work,  like drawing, photo, 3D printing, XR, sound and camera practice.

Team rooms and Makerspace

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