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Trash Away trailer

A game about ocean pollution and the effects on marine life and further widespread consequences. Made in GameLab 3 by a team of 2nd year students in the fall of 2019

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Ram Yer Matey trailer

A social single screen multiplayer game where the players take to the high sea, trying to push or trick the other player's ship off the edge of the world. Made in GameLab 2 by a team of 1st year students in the spring of 2019

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Exiles of Eternity

A multiplayer 3D shooter set in a magical world. Use your spells and protective enchantments to survive. Made in GameLab 6 by a team of 3rd year students in the spring of 2019

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With market conditions changing rapidly, our bachelor program prepares you for a professional career through employment in existing game production companies, or the creation of your own start-ups. Opportunities to develop a network of professional contacts, build a portfolio of your work, and create “student companies” will help you prepare for life after graduation. A lot of our graduates also embark upon careers in industries that either have started using game technology or need the competency of a programmer, designer, project manager or artist for other purposes than game design and development.

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